Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thrill Vintage Finds, and I love Black Market Toronto!

Since I love vintage clothes and thrift shopping so much, I hardly shop at normal stores anymore...

Just wanted to share my recent finds ;)

Tweed jacket from Value Village - $10

The label says it's from Anne Carson, however I don't think that brand exists anymore since this is probably made a long time ago. This is very similar to the boxy tweed jackets made by renowned designers, especially cough* Chanel cough*. A girl can hope can't she? However, apparently 70% of the shell of the jacket is made from silk according to the label. Not too shabby for $10!

Also, I recently visited Black Market on Queen Street for the first time with my friend. I love the store so much. They have such a big selection of vintage clothes and everything was $10!

Oxblood leather jacket from Black Market - $10

I was so happy when I found this treasure. Its brand is Wilson's Suede and Leather and its material is 100% leather. I Googled this brand, and their leather jackets are anywhere between $200 to $500! I am in love with the colour of this jacket; oxblood were seen on many f/w 2012 runways! Even if oxblood leather wasn't the hottest thing right now, I would still love it! 

This jacket had shoulder pads which made it look very 80s on me, so I removed them. If you want to know how to do it, just let me know. :) Also, I am smaller than a size 8, so it fits a little baggy on me. But I think that's perfectly okay for fall weather since I will be wearing layers of shirts or sweaters underneath.

Oversize Sweater from Black Market - $10

Cute sweater with fuzzy parts made of rabbit hair. It also had shoulder pads which I removed. :)

I will be wearing these in my outfits, stay tuned ;)

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  1. BLACK MARKET! :D Their selection is fantastic lol, I remember finding a Burberry (what?!) coat there with a friend of mine...but sadly it was too big for either of us. :/ Love the school outfit you pieced together from the last item!