Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lusting Over: Nishe Mint Lace Dress with Candy Buttons

I love the mint colour. I love lace. I love sweetheart necklines.  I love a fitted bodice and a swing skirt. What more can I say?

The dress is available at ASOS, which is also where the picture is from. I normally don't spend over $25 for clothes since I am a very frugal and picky shopper. And I find most of my clothes at thrift stores, eBay, and at sales. But I would make an exception for this!

I am so sad they only have UK size 14 left. I am a UK size 8 :( I could buy a size 14 and try to tailor it since I have a sewing machine, but unfortunately I don't think my skills are up to that level yet...

I love the clothes made by Nishe though! Especially the tea dresses, their silhouettes and prints are amazing! I bought a cherry and strawberry print tea dress with cherry buttons for a bargain on eBay. I will show a picture later and do a review of most clothes I bought from eBay, so stay tuned... ;)

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