Thursday, 8 November 2012

Favourite Looks from Spring/Summer 2013 Runway

The Spring/Summer shows appeal much more to my aesthetic than F/W ones. I was so happy to see all those beautiful clothes coming down the runways. I picked my favourites this season:

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is one of my favourite designers. He is always so innovative. Somehow he manages to inject edginess into otherwise totally fresh and streamline girly looks. Loves his tailored and structurally draped dresses and jackets held together by bolts. I also particularly like the sheer blouse with a bow covering the chest. Some might not think it's new at all, but I love it because too many girls now wear sheer blouses (with maybe a print on it) that exposes the bra, which in my opinion has become very cliche. The fact that this blouse actually maintains the chastity yet looks not at all conservative is very unique to me. The spring/rubber band like texture in the shoes and one skirt reminds one of my rubber band dress, no?

Christian Siriano

I will wear the head-to-toe tone-on-tone blues, lace and satin, short suit to anywhere anytime. I now wish I had money more than ever. And the fairy tale dresses are just gorgeous.  

Marc Jacobs

Who doesn't love a t-shirt that makes you look cool and worth a million bucks?

Nina Ricci

I really like the mix of fabrics and layering in these looks.


Valentino never disappoints with prettiness and femininity. The delicacy of the fabrics and sense of ease of the print and colours make me want to treasure these looks in my mind forever. 

All pictures are from

Beauty of the Understated; Places in Ontario

I could help but amaze at the beauty of an environment outside of a busy metropolis. I took these from when I went on nature hikes and family trips to Northern Ontario. Please bear with my next-to-none photography skills and camera phone pictures, it is what I am trying to capture that counts. 

rainy day and islands 

contrast and blues

trees, mist, and lake

pure waterlilies 

i am always amazed by the ability of waterlilies to grow out of muck and not be soiled at all

German fairy tale castle anyone?

The fact that I can never think of anything to paint bugs me a lot, but I think I just had an epiphany. It seems so simple, but I never realized how much I am touched by the beauty of understated things in my surroundings. I think I will turn some of these photos into paintings when I somehow get the time.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

DIY Metal Collar Outfit

Blazer, H&M
Shirt, H&M
Metal Collar Tips, $1, eBay
Tights, eBay
High Waisted Washed-out Denim Shorts, $10, eBay
Pink Envelop Clutch, $10, eBay
Oxfords, Jeffrey Campbell

If you want to know how to find those items on eBay for around $10, feel free to let me know! :)
See the DIY: How to add metal tips to your shirt collar here