Thursday, 18 October 2012

DIY Metal Collar Tips

This is a super easy DIY that everyone can do. It is easy to update your shirt to this season's trends by adding metal tips to the collar!

a shirt
a pair of clamps, or any fastening device
a pair of metal tips - can be bought on eBay for $1 plus free shipping

a pair of metal collar tips I bought from eBay for $1

another picture of them

this is the shirt that I wanted to add metal collar tips to, very fitting right?

insert the tips on the collar first. 
as you can see, the collar ends of my shirt are not right triangles,
so we have to adjust the metal tips

use your thumbs to push the two wings of the metal tips closer together,
so they fit the ends of the collar

use clamps or some other device to squish down on the metal wings,
so they are fastened on to the collar

and voila, you now have a shirt with metal collar tips!
And this is why I love eBay.

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